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I’m Michael Legge, former Professional Movie, TV and Stage Actor


Presentations Consultant For Business Owners

With countless hours preparing for those high stakes presentations, all that effort can be wasted because the pressure to be your very best gets to you, causing you to forget your message, nervously lose your audience and throw away that opportunity to transform your business.

My presentation consulting and mindset coaching will make sure the reward for all your hard work translates into reliably growing your business.

You’ll show up confidently, relaxed, clear-headed and ready to nail that presentation so your audience knows, likes and trusts you enough to pull out their wallets and do business with you.

When the pressure gets to you…

When the stakes are high, the pressure to present at your very best awakens a deep fear that you won’t be good enough.

Whether you are presenting to a potential client, pitching to an investor, speaking at an event or even delivering training to your team, no matter how much preparation you’ve made, fear can take over.

…you’re anything but your best

You start sweating, shaking and all you want to do is run away. You forget your message, lose your audience and throw away any chances to grow your business.


Be confident and clear in front of any audience, anytime.


Never forget your messages again.


Have your audience in the palm of your hand


I’ve been there.

As a high-profile actor, I had to present in super high-stakes situations including:

  • Stage performances in theatres;
  • Live TV appearances;
  • Reciting monologues on movie sets with over a thousand people

I couldn’t handle it

Here’s how high-stakes presentations used to go for me too:

  1. The pressure builds;
  2. Sweat starts dripping;
  3. I shake uncontrollably and just want to run;
  4. I feel anything but in control;
  5. I just wanted to give my very best because it meant so much to me; and
  6. I screw up and am furious at myself

My entire livelihood was at stake

If I didn’t conquer this fear of not being good enough, my entire livelihood as an actor was in jeopardy!

So I got trained in the world’s most effective presentation techniques and a huge amount of powerful mindset tools including Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

Now I nail every high stakes presentation

All that hard work paid off. I had a long and successful acting career for over two decades, starring in movies such as Angela’s Ashes and TV hits like Shameless.

And now I choose to help business leaders nail their presentations and slay their fear for good. So let’s talk and see if I can help your business grow.


Here’s how we’ll best work together:



I’ll consult you on your presentation content so that your messaging perfectly connects with your audience



I’ll coach you so you will have your audience in the palm of your hand within the first 3 mins, overcome any fear or nerves and remain confident throughout your delivery



You’ll practice with me how to manage your audience so they stay laser-focused on you throughout and convince them to take the actions you want at the end.



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