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Win Over Clients, Customers, Investors and Your Team

With countless hours preparing for those high stakes meetings and presentations, all that effort can be wasted. Sometimes the pressure feels too great. It gets to you, causing you to become dry mouthed, tongue-tied and forget your key messages. Your nerves show and you lose your audience. Once more you throw away the opportunity to speak effectively and improve your career or business. My consultancy with its unique blend of public speaking training and mindset coaching will help you overcome fear, engage even the most challenging audience and leave them with only positive emotions about you and your message.

You’ll learn how to show up confident, relaxed, clear-headed and ready to nail that talk, pitch or presentation. Your listeners will get to know, like and trust you enough to take whatever action you desire of them by the time you’re done speaking.

With Nail Your Presentations, you’ll be supported in all forms of presentation, including ted talks, business presentations, board meetings, team talks, interviews (live and recorded) and all forms of video presentations and marketing.  You’ll learn vital communication and mindset skills, transferrable to all areas of your professional and personal life.


When the pressure gets to you…

…and the stakes are high, the desire to perform at your best can awaken a deep fear that you won’t be good enough.

Whether you’re presenting to a potential client, pitching to an investor, speaking at an event, being interviewed on camera, making video tutorials or delivering a talk or training to your team, no matter how much preparation you’ve made, fear can take over. And then…

…you’re anything but your best

Perhaps you start sweating, shaking and all you want to do is give up or run away. You forget your message, lose your audience and throw away a potential opportunity to grow your career or business. 

Be confident and clear in front of any audience, anytime.

Never forget your message again.

Have your audience engaged and focussed

Share Your Story Just Like This!

Click play below and watch Michael demonstrate how to present your business story so that people form a strong emotional connection with you or your brand:

Angela’s Ashes (Paramount Pictures)

I understand high-stakes situations

As a professional actor, I had to present in super high-stakes situations including:

  • Stage performances in theatres;
  • Live TV appearances;
  • Performing on movie sets, at times with over a thousand cast and crew

Sound familiar?

Here’s how being in the spotlight used to go for me:

  1. The pressure builds and sweat starts dripping;
  2. I feel anything but in control as the fear of not performing well enough grows;
  3. It means so much to me, but I don’t give my best and feel hugely frustrated 


The Bachelor Weekend (Tribeca Film)

My reputation (and earnings) were at stake

If I didn’t conquer this fear of not being good enough, my wellbeing and career as an actor was in jeopardy. So I trained in the world’s most effective communication techniques and mindset tools including Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

I’ve learned to nail every high stakes presentation

All that hard work paid off. I have enjoyed a long and successful acting career for over two decades, starring in movies such as Angela’s Ashes and TV hits like Shameless. And now I also choose to help business leaders and their teams nail their talks, pitches and presentations and slay their fear for good. My signature blend of powerful mindset techniques, presentation skills and years of acting experience will ensure you shine in all the high-pressure spotlight moments of your life.

So let’s talk and see if I can help you or your business reap the rewards of fearless and effective public speaking.

Here’s how we’ll work together:



I’ll consult you on your presentation content so that your messaging perfectly connects with your audience



I’ll coach you so you will have your audience in the palm of your hand within the first 3 mins, overcome any fear or nerves and remain confident throughout your delivery



You’ll practice with me how to manage your audience so they stay laser-focused on you throughout and convince them to take the actions you want at the end.

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Copenhagen, Denmark

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